• Our company, Printfinder, has more than twenty years of experience in book-printing and related services. We take our job with the utmost sense of responsibility and loyalty towards our clients. We guarantee steadily high quality of our produce at all times. Our delivery times are prompt and flexible – a standard book production takes only some two weeks. Our customers in Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia, both established publishers and individual writers, produce some one hundred new titles and reprints with us every year. All of our production takes place in Latvia, with our country having become one of the leading exporters of printed products in Eastern Europe. Our production is offered at very competitive and attractive prices, with customers often making considerable savings compared to the domestic production cost. We are most competitive in the range between 500 and 5,000 pieces per order.

    How it works?

    We operate in the most flexible and nonbureaucratic manner:

    • Upon your request, we will promptly provide you with our quote, typically within 24 hours. You are welcome to request several variations or/and numbers of copies. We will gladly offer you any follow-up quotes if requested, or send paper samples or dummies.
    • Once you are prepared to accept our offer, you will need to notify us as well as to send us a formal order letter by mail or as PDF via e-mail. We will confirm your order and delivery time.
    • At the agreed time, you will submit your electronic print files in PDF/X-4 format to us. You can do so quickly by uploading them either to our server or to a public server or your choosing. We will check your files and produce a PDF-softproof for your final approval. Printed proofs on photopaper of certain paigas are also possible if required.
    • Thereafter, your book will be printed and bound. The standard time frame for the production process is two weeks.
    • The ready books will be packed according to your wishes โ€“ shrink-wrapped either individually or in stacks or/and packed into cardboard boxes. The boxes will be placed on Euro pallets and made ready and safe for transportation. Your order will be then delivered to your door or your warehouse within a few days.
    • We generally invoice in the Euro currency with payments due 30 days net after delivery. In separate cases we might ask for a 50% advance payment.

    Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions, samples or price quotes.

    You are welcome to write to us in English, German or Swedish.